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1. Calculation of Pitting Resistance Equivalent Numbers PREN

2. Stainless Steel Selection Avoid Localised Forms of Corrosion

3. Designing Stainless Steel Handrails and Balustrades

4. Fatigue Properties and Endurance Limits of Stainless Steel

5. Corrosion Resistant Agitators Stirrers and Mixers

6. Copper Nickel Seawater Corrosion Resistance and Antifouling

7. Copper and Copper Based Alloy Corrosion

8. Effects of Copper Alloy Chemical Compositions on Corrosion

9. Corrosion Problem - Process and Cost of Metallic Corrosion

10. Fundamental of Metal Corrosion

11. Corrosion Resistance of Nickel Alloys

12. Corrosion Resistance of Titanium

13. Corrosion Resistance of Zirconium

14. Corrosion Resistance of Tantalum

15. Corrosion by Material and Media

16. Liquid Molten Metal Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel

17. Sulphidation Resistance of Stainless Steel

18. Preventing Corrosion in Cooling System

19. Preventing Erosion-Corrosion in Cooling Systems

20. Grain Size

21. Grain Size Scale

22. Different Measures of Grain Size

23. The International Scene of Grain Size

24. Grain Size Effect on Raman Spectral Intensity

25. Grain Size Characteristics

26. Grain Size Measurement Methods

27. Grain Size Evolution of Test Methods ASTM E112

28. Durability and life Expectancy for Stainless Steel in External Enviroment

71. ASTM E112 Standard Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size

29. Liquid Molten Metal Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel

30. High Temperature And Corrosion Resistant Alloys

31. Durability and Life Expectancy for Stainless Steel in External Enviroments

32. Corrosion Barriers for Thermally Insulated Stainless Steel

33. Aluminum Corrosion Resistance for Cold Plates and Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers

34. Crevice Corrosion

35. Stainless Steel Corrosion

36. Corrosion Mechanism in Stainless Steel Tube

37. Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Tube

38. Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Tubes

39. Oxidation Resistance of Stainless Steel

40. Oxidation Behavior of Type 321 Stainless Steel Tube

41. Intergranular Corrosion

42. Intergranular Corrosion of Stainless Steel Tubes

43. Metals Corrosion Resistance Table

44. Corrosion Resistance Table of Stainless Steel Nickel Monel Iconel

45. Corrosion Resistant Material

46. Surface Coatings for Corrosion

47. Zinc Coating

48. Zinc Coatings-Galvanized|Electrogalvanized|Galvanneal|Galfan

49. Cost of Galvanized Steel

50. Selection of Zinc Coatings

51. Powder Coating Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

52. Metallographic Test Report

53. Metallographic Test - Metallography Testing

54. Corrosion Process

55. Corrosion of Piping

56. Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC)

57. Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (CLSCC)

58. Methods of minimizing chloride stress corrosion cracking

59. The effect of carbon on corrosion resistance - 304 316 304L 316L

60. Causes of metal corrosion in timber fixings

61. Stainless Steel for Hardness and Corrosion Resistance

62. Selection of Stainless Steels from Corrosion Resistance

63. Galvanic corrosion

64. Bi- Metallic Corrosion. (Galvanic Corrosion)

65. Bi-Metallic (galvanic) corrosion risks from contact with galvanised steel or aluminium

66. Avoiding Galvanic Corrosion

67. Galvanic and Corrosion Compatibility Dissimilar Metal Corrosion

68. Galvanic Corrosion – oxidation corrosion

69. General Corrosion Corrosion and Galvanic Compatibility

70. ASTM A262 Intergranular Corrosion Test IGC

71. ASTM E112 Standard Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size

72. Common names for chemicals and selection of appropriate stainless steel grades

73. Seawater Resistance of Stainless Steel Tubes

74. Selection of 316 304 and 303 Types of Stainless Steel for Seawater Application

75. Salt Spray Testing of Stainless Steel

76. Selection of Stainless Steel for Cryogenic Application

77. Acetic Acid Corrosion / CH3COOH Corrosion

78. Formic Acid HCOOH Corrosion

79. Hydrochloric Acid Corrosion / HCl Corrosion

80. Sulfuric Acid Corrosion / H2SO4 Corrosion

81. Sour Gas Corrosion H2S Corrosion

82. Selection of Stainless Steel fo Handling Sulphur Dioxide SO2 and Sulphur Trioxide SO3

83. Selection of Stainless Steel for Handling Phosphoric Acid H3PO4

84. Selection of Stainless Steel for Handling Hydrofluoric Acid HF

85. Selection of Stainless Steel for Handling Citric Acid C3H4OH (COOH)3

86. Selection of Stainless Steel for Handling Ammonia NH3

87. Selection of Stainless Steel for Handling Chlorine Cl2 and Chlorine Dioxide ClO2

88. Selection of Stainless Steels For Handling Hydrochloric Acid HCl

89. Selection of Stainless Steel for Handling Sulphuric Acid H2SO4

90. Selection Stainless Steel for Handling Sodium Hydroxide NaOH

91. Selection of stainless steels for handling acetic acid (CH3COOH)

92. Selection of stainless steels for handling sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)

93. Selection of stainless steels for handling nitric acid (HNO3)

94. NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156 for Corrosion Resistant Alloys for Sulphide Service

95. Selection of stainless steels in water supply and waste water treatment

96. S32205/S31803(1.4462) Resistance to Corrosion

97. 304H(1.4948) Resistance to Corrosion

98. 304L Resistance to Corrosion

99. 304 Resistance To Corrosion

100. 309S(1.4833)Aqueous Corrosion Resistance

101. 310S Aqueous Corrosion Resistance

102. 316(1.4401)/316L(1.4404) Oxidation Resistance

103. 317L(1.4438) Oxidation Resistance

104. 317L(1.4438) Resistance to Corrosion

105. 321/321H(1.4541/1.4878) Resistance to Corrosion

106. 347/347H(1.4550) Resistance to Corrosion

107. 410 Corrosion Resistance

108. 410S Oxidation Resistance

109. 430 430F Corrosion Resistance

110. S32304(1.4362)Corrosion Resistance

111. 2507 S32750(1.4410) Resistance to Corrosion

112. Corrosion Resistance of Duplex Stainless Steel

113. Stress Corrosion Cracking SCC of Duplex Stainless Steel

114. Cause of Zinc Corrosion

115. Corrosion of Zinc Coated Steel in Selected Natural Fresh Water

116. Corrosion of Zinc and Zinc Coated Steel in Sea Water

117. Corrosion of Zinc Coating in Industrial and Domestic Water

118. Concrete Corrosion of Hot Dip Galvanizing

119. Concrete corrosion resistance of hot dip galvanized reinforcing

120. Zinc Reaction in Concrete Corrosion

121. Removal of Forms Concrete Corrosion

122. Concrete Corrosion References

123. Hot-Dip Galvanizing Performance in Chemical Solutions

124. Hot-Dip Galvanizing Performance in Contact with Other Metals

125. Hot-Dip Galvanizing Performance in contact with Treated Wood

126. Hot-Dip Galvanizing Performance in contact with Food

127. Hot-Dip Galvanizing Performance in Extreme Temperature

128. Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (CLSCC)

129. Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking in Austenitic Stainless Steel

130. Recommendations for Assessing Susceptibility to CLSCC

131. Main Findings on CLSCC in the Reactors

132. Literature Review to Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking

133. CLSCC Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking Mechanism

134. Factors Affecting CLSCC Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking

135. Controlling Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking

136. Structural Integrity Assessment

137. Non-Destructive Examination NDE

138. Control of Carbide Precipitation

139. Difference Between Duplex Steel S31803/S32205 and 316L

140. NACE MR0175 and MR0103 Standards

141. Selection of Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistance

142. Cathodic Protection for Equipment

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